Portugal Imports The Good Luck Rooster 23cm Creme Collection

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These cheerfully painted roosters bring luck and happiness. A perfect gift for you or someone else.The story goes: A murder had been committed in the Portugese town of Barcelos. A travelling Spaniard was convicted of the crime and sentenced to hang. He continually declared his innocence but had no proof he was not guilty. He asked to be brought before the judge one last time. The judge was dining with friends and said there was nothing more he could do. The Spaniard turned to the saints of his faith and declared that the roasted rooster the judge was about to feast on, would crow before he died. Everyone laughed, but the rooster remained untouched. The Spaniard was brought to the gallows, and suddenly, the rooster stood up and crowed. The judge ran to the site of the hanging and was able to set the man free. Portugese homes had a mascot - "Rooster of good luck and happiness"
  • Hand painted ceramic
  • 23cm/9"
  • Made in Portugal
Use and Care : Hand wash onlyOrigin : Portugal
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