GreenTech Environmental Extend Food Life Air Purifier and Ionizer for Refrigerators

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  • EXTENDS THE LIFE OF YOUR FOOD: Food stays fresher longer when kept in an environment free of bacteria, mold, and gasses.
  • DESTROYS FOUL FRIDGE ODORS: Experience freshness every time you open your fridge door. pureAir FRIDGE eliminates odors caused by food decay.
  • KILLS E-COLI, STAPH, AND OTHER BACTERIA: Ionization and ozone quickly and consistently destroy bacteria and contamination in your fridge and food storage.
  • RECHARGEABLE LONG-LASTING BATTERY: Lithium ion battery lasts 18-24 days and recharges easily overnight.
  • DESIGNED AND SOLD BY TENNESSEE FAMILY-OWNED MANUFACTURER: Our family business is available to you for all customer service and support needs.
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