Mortier Pilon Set of 6 Reusable Produce Bags

Mortier Pilon
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Mortier Pilon introduces a line of zero waste bags to bring sustainability in the modern household. With our 6 Reusable Produce Bags for Fruits and Vegetables, you’ll be able to limit your plastic use when you would normally use a disposable plastic to bring your items home from the grocery.

Save over 500 plastic bags per year with our 6 Reusable Produce Bags for Fruits and Vegetables. Washable and breathable, no more plastic wasted on bags almost immediately thrown away after their short use. Make grocery shopping sustainable by reusing your produce bags!

  • 2 small reusable bags for parsley and other herbs and spices
  • 2 medium reusable bags for apples, avocados and oranges
  • 2 large reusable bags for lettuce, broccoli and cabbage.
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