Spiegelau Set of 4 Red "Style" Wine Glasses

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The classy machine-made red wine glass of the modern glass collection Style is the right choice for every occasion. This multifunctional red wine glass is shaped to enhance the aroma and flavor of all aromatic wines. The modern shape of this collection emanates aesthetics and self-confidence. All SPIEGELAU glasses are dishwasher safe.

  • Made in Germany
  • 22.2 oz / 656.5 ml
  • Fine laser cut rim, smooth lip contact, Directs the flow of wine, Less Chipping
  • Colourless and transparent bowl allow wines to express their true visual characteristics
  • Perfect connection reduces breakage
  • Seamless or near seamless stems provide a premium tactile experience 
  • Enforced foot for improved durability
  • No sharp rims and a flat base improve aesthetics and stability

Caring for your glassware

  • To avoid stains: use soft water (low mineral content)
  • To avoid scratches: Avoid glass contact with other glass or metal
  • To remove stains: use white vinegar
  • If available use a stemware rack

If washing by hand

  • Wash the glass under warm water (use detergent and rinse the glass carefully)
  • Glass polishing: Use two polishing cloths, never hold the glass by the base to polish the bowl
  • Stem snap: Occurs through mishandling = torque or bend pressure at the stem
  • Storage: Avoid glass storage in kitchen cabinets which have strong aromas that translates into glass

Microfiber Polishing Cloth

  • Wash at boiling temperature (to kill bacteria) with odorless soap
  • Should be machine washed at min. 170° F/75° C
  • Never use fabric softener when rinsing your microfiber polishing cloth (avoids grease film on surface)
Made in Germany
22.2 oz / 656.5 ml