An incredibly versatile and creamy sauce, made with real maple syrup and a ton of Italian spices. Ideal for fondues, raclettes, sandwiches, or even sides like sweet potato fries.
In addition to adding a different touch to your fondue dinners, this sauce is perfect for accompanying sandwiches, burgers, poutines, fries, or crispy chicken!
Commonly known as "Devil sauce," this slightly spicy, sweet, and tangy sauce is delightful with any meat in fondue. It's also delicious with vegetables like broccoli.
The must-have spicy mayonnaise, with an irresistible touch of smoky flavor that will awaken your taste buds and perfectly accompany all your favorite dishes.
A concentrated, ultra-rich and flavorful broth that will perfectly season every food you dip into it. To be diluted with 3 containers of water or more according to your taste.
This mayonnaise-based sauce with lemon and curry is always a hit. It pairs perfectly with meats and vegetables in your Chinese fondue or raclette.