The Revolution 5.5" Santoku is a traditional Japanese shape with a straight cutting edge and rounded shoulder and curved handle to provide control during slicing, dicing or mincing fruits, vegetables and boneless meats. Our most popular knife, it features

Kyocera 5" Ceramic Knife (White)

C$79.99 C$59.99
The 5-1/4 in. blade slices, cuts, chops, and peels and other prep work for vegetables, fruit and boneless meats. Sleek grounded, polished blade in white. Kyocera has pioneered advanced ceramic kitchen knives, which are impervious to acids, juices, oils an

Kyocera 7" Chef Knife

C$139.99 C$104.99
Not as large as a slicing or chef’s knife, the Revolution 4.5" utility knife is a good all-around tool for basic kitchen cutting of smaller fruits and vegetables. Features an ultra-sharp, long-lasting zirconia blade and the ergonomic handle provides knuck