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aluminum, unique liquid sealed in handle will prevent ice cream from sticking when first warmed in hot water, do not put in dishwasher
Creates uniform, curly noodles from vegetables for healthier meals.
Enjoy the taste and smell of freshly ground spices.
Reinvent classic meals and inspire your culinary creativity with fresh fruits and vegetables.
Westmark Spiral Vegetable & Fruit Slicer with non-slip feet.
Protect your wine decanter from scratches and cracks with this convenient drying stand. This stand elevates the decanter and prevents it from becoming damaged from other glassware in drying racks.
Ideal for serving ice cream, sorbet or gelato or for scooping uniform rounds of cookie dough.
Features designs inspired by the architectural cast and wrought iron structures and buildings of the Belle Époque.
-Can be used as a surface protector or as a anti skid mat
-Heat resistant to 250°C/482°F
The Final Touch® FTR Series Wine Racks are commercial grade and built with a solid steel crossed frame that locks into the front and back of wood. This design makes these wine racks very sturdy and helps to keep its shape to prevent wobbling. The included
Get a firm grip of corn on the cobs.