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Sear, brown or sauté while preserving foods texture, moisture and flavour.Made from 18/10 stainless steel, the Strauss Pro is heavy-duty gauge professional cookware.
The sauté pan offers a generously sized cooking surface for browning and sautéing. Set a new standard for craftsmanship and innovation, perfect for the professionals and home cooks alike.
Fry chicken, braise meats or make delicious stews.Le Creuset Enamelled Cast Iron cookware has been the world's colour and qualtiy benchmark for almost a century.

ZWILLING TruClad Saute Pan 4,75 L

C$315.00 C$204.75
Deeper than a fry pan and with higher, straighter side walls, you can sear, brown or sauté and finish with liquids. The robust clad construction bonds 3 individual materials together to create a vessel of exceptional cooking performance.