Recipe of the Week with Véronique Caya


Every week, the food blogger & founder of A Dash of Wholesome, Véronique Caya, will share with us her favorite healthy recipes. 

Those recipes are perfect for people that want to switch up their lifestyle and become healthier or simply that is running out of inspiration and would like to try something new.

From soups to healthy muffins to vegetarian/vegan options, Veronique has the best recipes to make you enjoy your time in the kitchen and enjoy the final meal! 

Keep us in the loop by tagging us @arescuisine and using our hashtag #cookwithares on your social media if you try the recipes - we want to see! 

Let's get cooking!




A bit more about A Dash of Wholesome:

"Wholesome to me describes good health as well as both physical and mental well-being.
Growing up, I have always played sports. I was and still am a very active person.
For that reason, I understand the importance of good nutrition.
In my blog, you will find many recipes using healthy, wholesome ingredients, as I am very passionate about making healthy eating simpler for everyone.
I enjoy the challenge of taking old family classics and making them healthier.
It is my way of adding my own dash of wholesome into some beloved family recipes."



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*All images and recipes are from Véronique Caya.