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10 Ricardo's recipes perfect for the holidays!

10 Ricardo's recipes perfect for the holidays! If you’re like us and you’re last minute for Christmas again this year, you’re not alone. That’s why we’ve compiled 10 of our favorite Ricardo’s recipes for the holidays. This list has everything from delicious cocktails, to desserts the whole family will love, to unique appetizers your guests have never tried before. Browse, shop and cook, it’s that easy!

Nespresso Recipe: The Forager

Nespresso Recipe: The Forager Get out of your comfort zone and incorporate your favorite mushrooms into your coffee! With Nespresso’s Forest Black Coffee, you can get a coffee that has notes of spice and exotic woods, but also a little sweetness and an interesting twist thanks to the Chaga mushroom whipped cream. It’s one of a kind, but so delicious! Try this recipe now and let us know what you think!

Pst : Chaga mushrooms are powerful in antioxidants, anti-inflammatory, and useful in treating gastrointestinal disorders. If we were you, we’d incorporate Chaga into our daily diet (this mushroom is often taken as a supplement!).

Cocktail Recipe: Chocolate Hazelnut Cream Cocktail

Cocktail Recipe: Chocolate Hazelnut Cream Cocktail With the holiday season fast approaching, we are slowly getting ready for the celebrations and who says celebration says alcoholic beverage! This week, we discover a recipe for an ultra-gourmet cocktail from Ricardo that is a delicious blend of chocolate and hazelnut liqueurs—perfect for those with a sweet tooth! See below for the Chocolate Hazelnut Cream Cocktail recipe.